“Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be Alright”.

Review by Max Kibble

Mark Steel, comedian.A chilly October evening in Goring was the setting for Gap Comedy’s third event this year, with Mark Steel drawing a 200 strong crowd to the village hall for what proved to be the most raucous and lively set to date.

A 30-year veteran of the stand-up circuit, Steel’s roving and energetic set covered politics, divorce, technology and more than a few well drawn (if predictable) lamentations on the state of modern society. His affable and hapless stage persona belied a wide understanding of current affairs, historical perspectives and real affection for the country he’s been touring in an accomplished career covering radio, journalism and television alongside his stand-up.

A few amiable jibes at Didcot and neighbours Streatley drew riotous laughter and applause from the audience, while his entry/ exit music selection exhibited an optimistic theme. For all his keening on the complications of contemporary existence, Steel gave the air of a warm, kind hearted optimist enjoying his time on stage as much as the audience were.