Gap Comedy was set up by a group of local volunteers to bring the best currently available comedy acts to Goring and Streatley.   We are unpaid and non-profit making and any surplus we do make is channelled into improving lighting and other equipment and attracting the best performers we can afford.

To date we have presented some of the best known acts on the comedy circuit. See our shows page for more information.

We have two venues in the Goring Gap, The Morrell Room in Streatley and Goring Village Hall in Goring-on-Thames where we create an intimate ‘club’ atmosphere enhanced with a carefully designed set, lighting and sound.

Many events are planned well in advance however we are also able to put on events at short notice if we are offered top names sampling material – known as ‘Work In Progress’ gigs.

Andrew, Mark and Stuart from Gap Comedy together with Phill Jupitus who performed in December 2018.

Attracting the quality acts, with the right material and who are well-known is always a challenge – but we are building contacts and, being just an hour from London, we seek to showcase not only established acts, but increasingly in the future,  up-and-coming comedians.

Hosting events is expensive – but we also try to ensure that ticket prices are affordable. We have contacts with promoters and intermediaries however we are very happy to be contacted direct.  Please get in touch if you have suggestions for future events!

Gap Comedy Ticket Conditions and FAQ

Are my tickets transferable?

No they are not transferable, this is a condition of the agents we use when booking comedians. The tickets bought for Gap Comedy  Shows are for the sole use of the purchaser and their party and may not be openly resold. In other words, if a third party attempts to gain entry using tickets not in their name, they will be refused entry. No refunds will be made if a ticket holder does not attend the event.

Do you offer refunds or exchanges on tickets?

If a show is sold out we may accept tickets for resale but the resale of tickets cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us at Gap Comedy: gapcomedyuk@gmail.com in the first instance and we will do all we can to help.

What happens if a show is cancelled?

In the event of cancellation by the performer/promoter a  refund to the full face value of the tickets will be offered. Gap Comedy does not accept any further liability.

What else should I be aware of?.

Audience Behaviour – Our aim is to provide the best of comedy in a friendly atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease but we reserve the right to refuse people entry or eject them from the hall if they act inappropriately. Please do not attempt to participate in the show unless you are expressly invited to do so.

Photography – during shows the taking photographs, audio recording and videoing on mobile phones or any other device is strictly prohibited and may result in the removal of the offender.

Mobile Phones – Please turn off your mobile phones during the performance.

Alcohol – Gap Comedy Ltd runs a licenced bar which is open prior to the performance and during the interval. No alcoholic drinks purchased elsewhere may be brought into the venue. Drinks may be taken into the auditorium. Please be considerate in returning empty glasses and bottles

Audience Late Arrival – As a security measure, doors are locked at show commencement. As a courtesy to the performer and the audience no entry to the venue can be assured after this time. If there is an interval then entry can be made at that point. If you believe one of your party will be delayed, let us know and we will try to advise as best we can.

Gap Comedy is proudly sponsored by Renegade Brewery, home of fine, award winning ales and craft brew beers.

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