The Goring Hall set up for a performance.

We have two venues available, The Morrell Room which seats 120 – an intimate wood-panelled venue with purpose-built corner stage and The Goring Hall which seats around 180 – a multi-purpose hall with traditional stage and separate bar area. Both venues have dedicated green rooms for performers.

Technical Setup Although we are a not a big name on the circuit (yet), we do make efforts to get set up specifically to make comedy a success, such as seating arranged tightly around the act so that no one is lost at the back with optional half height stage so that the act is separated but not remote. Neutral backdrop to cut out distractions and both venues have full-blackout capabilities. A stage manager is available to provide stage design and layout and seating in advance of the show

Lighting Lighting is set up specifically for comedy, with tight spots along with coloured washes so that the act does not look bleached out. All lighting is desk DMX controlled with remote control of house lights.

Sound is tailored to performers requirements, fed via a professional mixer and evenly distributed throughout the venue. We use Shure SM58 mics with optional foldback if required. We also have a wireless mic so that the act can move around freely if they prefer and it can be used by audience for Q&A. We will design the seating layout, sound and lighting before the show and welcome engagement of performers and their agents.

Other facilities A dedicated qualified Electronics Engineer to manage light and sound. A dedicated Stage Manager to provide support and management during the event. Quiet green rooms away from the crowd provided at both venues with options on beverages, water and snacks for the artist. Professional photography/filming can be also arranged. We can arrange transport to and from Goring station if required. Goring is maximum 50 minutes by direct train from Paddington (GWR).

Show Formats We are flexible to suit the performer. We normally offer for acts is as a touring show around 2 x 45 minute sets around a drinks interval with the open 45 minutes before the show starts and after at the end.

We have a very educated demographic suited to a quality comedy performance. Our audiences are appreciative and respectful, out to enjoy the evening without interrupting or silly heckling. Our previous acts have all mentioned that they would like to return. An equipment list is available along with seating layouts on request.

View from the stage.

Stage setup at the Goring Hall.

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